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How Do I Order Your Products?

There are 3 easy ways to order National Health Video’s products: 
  • Online orders can be placed through our secure website 
  • Phone orders can be made by calling our toll free sales line (800) 543-6803 (Within the US) or (310) 557-0545 (Outside the US) 
  • Fax orders can be made by filling out our Fax Order From and faxing it to our corporate office at (310) 557-0546 

How Do Online Orders Work?

Ordering online is simple, convenient and secure using National Health Videos website. You have the option of browsing or purchasing videos identified by title, topic, new release, language or keyword search.

Orders are not processed until you have entered your customer information and pressed the submit button. You can change or rest your order at anytime while browsing the National Health Video collection. Even after you’ve confirmed your order, please feel free to call us with any question at (800) 543-6803 (Within the US) or (310) 557-0545 (Outside the US). 

What If I Make A Mistake? 

Our online order form allows you to go back and make as many changes as you want. If you have any questions, just give us a call. There is nothing you can do on our internet site that can’t be fixed or changed with a phone call. 

What Is Your Federal Tax ID Number? 

To make your job easier, we are providing our Federal Tax ID Number online. The National Health LLC FEIN# is 80-0672268.

Can I Order A Video Using a Purchase Order Number? 

Yes, purchase order numbers must be used if required by your institution. There is a space provided on the web order form to included purchase order numbers. 

What Is The Shipping Time? 

If the order is received before noon it will be mailed no later than noon the following day with UPS ground. All Friday's orders are fulfilled the following Monday. 

What Are The Shipping Costs? 

National Health Video ships with UPS in the US. Our US shipping and handling prices are: $10 for the first DVD and $1 for each additional DVD. Canadian and international orders need to be made by phone at (800) 543-6803 (Within the US) or (310) 557-0545 (Outside the US) or fax (310) 557-0546.

Can I Return A Product? 

Yes products can be returned within 30 days. Returnee has to pay for return postage and the product has to be undamaged. 

Do I Need Digital Or Closed Circuit Television Rights To Show The Video? 

Yes, Digital and CCTV rights are required for broadcasting within an institution, satellite viewing on local college campuses, hospital networks, and for any shared broadcast or cable setting. 

What Do CCTV Rights Cost? 

The prices vary depending on the number of titles that you acquire. The National Health Video staff is happy to assist you and will put together a quote to meet your growing and changing needs. 

Are More Customers Acquiring Digital Rights To Broadcast Within Their Institution? 

Yes, purchasing of Digital Rights gives an institution the flexibility to provide programming to a much larger audience for a minimal cost. We find both hospitals and colleges are buying numerous programs to meet their patient, student and staff needs. 

How Do We Know What Are The Best Programs To Select For Our Needs? 

The National Health Video staff work with customers daily to put together program packages to meet our customer needs. 

What Kind of Payment Is Needed For International Orders? 

An international money order is required for payment in the US dollar amount. 

What If I Don’t Like The Video? 

National Health Video prides itself on customer satisfaction. Instead of requesting a preview, National Health Video is now offering a 30 day trial from date of purchase customers and qualified new buyers who have a budget to purchase. A purchase order or pre-payment for the full price of the video is required upon placing an order. If the customer is not satisfied within 30 days an exchange for another video is available or full refund. Please note the customer is responsible for the shipping and handling fees and this must be included in the purchase order or pre-payment. Videos considered for evaluation purposes are not to be shown in classroom or public settings prior to final purchase. 

What Are My Public Performance Rights? 

National Health Video’s
 Public Performance Rights & Classroom Use of Media - All National Health Video programs are sold with limited public performance rights to show these programs to any group in a school, public library, prison or military base without further written permission from National Health LLC. These programs may be played in a videocassette or DVD player in the same room as the audience or over a closed circuit television system within a building for viewing by an audience in the same building. These programs may neither be broadcast, duplicated or reproduced for any purpose (including, for example, making a copy to a hard drive for use on a server) nor digitally or electronically delivered on any network unless written permission is obtained. No direct or indirect fees may be charged for showing these programs. Digital rights are available for all National Health Video programs. If you would like to license additional rights, including digital rights, please contact us. 

Can I Play Your DVD On My Computer? 

Yes, National Health Video DVD's can be played on all US desktop, laptop and DVD players. 

May I Suggest A Video? 

Yes, suggestions are always welcome. Please send your ideas and suggestions to us to our email info@NHV.com

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